Measurement of Powder Materials and Liquids

Because PaPaLaB’s 2D colorimeters are of a camera type, accurate colors for powder pigments and liquids can also be measured over a wide range without any contact.

Materials with Textures (Metallicity, Sparkle, etc.) Can Also Be Measured

Even for leather products with luminous materials and resin products with emboss processing, PaPaLaB’s 2D colorimeters can compare colors with textures through color distribution measurement and measurement of the coincidence of this distribution.

STEP 1: Photograph the Standard Material

Photograph the material that will serve as the standard.
It is also possible to import previously photographed standard material images.

STEP 2: Photograph the Material to Be Inspected

Photograph the material to be inspected.
As it is possible to display the standard image imported in STEP 1 (overlay feature), alignment can be performed easily.

STEP 3: Specify the Range You Would Like to Inspect Within the Photographed Image

Specify the range of inspection within the image photographed in STEP 2, in a range that is appropriate for inspection.

STEP 4: Check for Color Distribution Shifts

Measure the range set in STEP 3.
Colors with sample textures (metallicity, sparkle, etc.) are displayed through “color distribution coincidence,” our company’s unique parameter.

(graph) Materials with Surface Texturing
Correlation Graph Between a 2D Colorimeter and a Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument


Handy 2D Colorimeter

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