PPLB-500 -Handy 2D Colorimeter-


Use 2D Colorimetry to Measure Textures, in Addition to Colors

The concept of the traditional 2D colorimeter is preserved.
Colors are faithfully photographed, exactly as seen, as photographs and analyzed as a plane.

Measure Anywhere

Because it is battery-operated, you can take it anywhere.
Dome lighting allows for even lighting conditions anywhere.

Depart from the Traditional Visual Inspections Using Boundary Samples

Examples of Utilization

●Color matching for automobile parts with dissimilar materials
●Color matching for building materials for housing
●Color measurement of hair

Analysis Features

Real-time Analysis through Touch Operation

Set the alignment while viewing the screen and simply tap it.
Measure preset inspection categories in real-time.

In-depth Analysis

Further details can be inspected multilaterally based on saved images
RCView and RCSence, color analysis software specific for 2D colorimeters, can be used
S123, XYZ, xy, Lab, RGB, CMY CMYK, color distribution coincidence, etc…


・Video Type 2D Colorimeter RC-320
・Specific Dome Lighting
・Tablet PC
・Mobile Battery



Specs Content
Shooting range Roughly 60 mm x 50 mm


Specs Content
Valid Pixels Roughly 60 mm x 50 mm
Video Output  10 bit
Shutter Speed  1/10,000 sec - 1/15 sec
Cumulative Time  30 frames
S/N Ratio  56 dB



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