When PaPaLaB was established, our objective was to productize a camera with the sensitivity of the human eye (color fidelity camera) using the technology of Professor Shimodaira (currently a specially-appointed professor) from Shizuoka University. However, as this did not succeed immediately, we decided to specialize in accurately capturing colors, based on market needs. By pivoting, we succeeded in productizing “measurement systems,” with 2D colorimeters serving as the core. Currently, we strive to go beyond simply quantifying the human eye, with the aim of creating “21st century measurement systems” that attain human sensitivity by capturing how the human brain senses these inputs. We will continue to provide color and texture quantification technology to more clients.

CEO Makoto Kato

Company Outline

Company Name PaPaLab Co., Ltd.

Design, manufacture and sales of image measurement equipment
Design, manufacture and sale of measurement sensor equipment
Designing, manufacturing, and selling software related to measurement equipment
R & D on measuring equipment Contracted business and consultancy


Naka ku Saiwai5-8-24, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 433-8123, Japan 

Laboratory Naka ku Johoku3-5-1, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 432-8011, Japan
Shizuoka University innovative Photonics Evolution Research Center 309 
Established March 7, 2001
Capital 13 million yen

Makoto Kato

No. Employees 9(as of April ,2023)
Financial institution

Shizuoka Bank Aoimachi Branch
Shimizu Bank Aoimachi Branch
The Hamamatsu Shinkin Bank Izumicho Branch

Major Customers Toyota Motor Corporation
Fuji Seal International, INC.
KMEW Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Breweries Co., Ltd.
Shiseido Company, Limited
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 
Collaboration destination National University Corporation Shizuoka University
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Hamamatsu Agency for Innovation
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Shizuoka Industry Promotion Foundation
Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Shizuoka Prefectural Federaition of Small Business Associations