2D colorimeters are also highly effective for product package printing.
Patterns can be matched without color patches, and color shifts in packages caused by differences in lots, which appear when the products are lined up in stores, can be avoided.

Measurement of Color Shifts Between Patterns

For soft packaging film and package printing, the colors of the product are important.
With PaPaLaB’s 2D colorimeters, colors of patterns can be compared through color distribution measurement and measurement of the coincidence of this distribution.

Comparison of the Actual Object and the Printed Matter

As the 2D colorimeters are of a camera type, it is possible to photograph the actual object, rather than the original print, to compare it with the printed matter.

STEP 1: Photograph the Printed Matter to Serve as the Standard

Photograph the printed matter (proof) to serve as the standard.
It is also possible to import previously photographed standard images.

STEP 2: Photograph the Printed Matter to Be Inspected

Photograph the printed matter to be inspected.
As it is possible to display the standard image imported in STEP 1 (overlay feature), alignment can be performed easily.
Even if the printed matter to be inspected has a different size or material as the proof, comparison is still possible.

STEP 3: Lay the 2 Images on top of Each Other and Check for Color Shifts in the Printed Matter to Be Inspected

Inspection results for each region are displayed numerically.

Colors with patterns can be measured through “color distribution coincidence,” our company’s unique parameter.
・The width of the grid can be adjusted.
・Threshold values can be set arbitrarily.
・Measurement results and photographed images can be saved.
・Using a network, witness inspection tasks can be performed on a PC monitor*1 at the main office or at the client’s site.
・Gain display*2 of each MYK and Lab parameter is possible.

*1) We recommend use of a calibrated wide color gamut monitor.
*2) As the ink type, qualities of the printed matter, and climate may cause variance, these are simply reference values.


Color and Pattern Inspection Device

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