Measurement Based on Faithful Color Data

As traditional cameras are not adept at accurately capturing human skin colors, they cannot inspect and assess the effects of basic cosmetics after several weeks of monitoring, for example.
With 2D colorimeters, in addition to skin colors, subtle changes in the suppleness, texture, and oiliness of the skin after the cosmetics are applied can be accurately captured, exactly as seen, and analyzed as image data.

Our Company’s Unique Evaluation Standards

The standards for evaluating skin quality and the effects of cosmetics are built into the analysis software (made to order) in advance. By forming a function with the evaluation standards, the color data from the photographed images can be used effectively for research and development and product evaluation of cosmetics.

STEP 1: Photograph the Face Before and After Applying Makeup

Use the 2D colorimeter to photograph the face before applying makeup.
It is also possible to import previously photographed images.

STEP 2: Specify the Range of Measurement

Select the location you would like to investigate, in the size of your choice, from the image photographed in STEP 1.

STEP 3: Evaluate the Selected Location Before and After Applying Makeup

Based on the evaluation function set up during preparation, the analysis software derives skin quality scores for the range of measurement specified in STEP 2.