PPLB-400 -Compact 2D Colorimeter-


Use 2D Colorimetry to Measure Textures, in Addition to Colors

The concept of the traditional 2D colorimeter is preserved.
Colors are faithfully photographed, exactly as seen, as images and analyzed as a plane.

Set It up Anywhere, Thanks to Its Space-Saving Design

A compact size, which is easy to set up, has been achieved.
Diffused lighting allows for even lighting conditions.

Examples of Utilization

●Color matching for automobile parts with dissimilar materials
●Color measurement of the state of cooking of food products
●Color measurement of hair    etc.

Analysis Features

Analysis of All Objects

As photography can be performed without any contact, all objects can be measured.
It is also possible to compare detailed textures, such as complex colors and gloss.

For the biscuit, ① is the front, ② is the back, and ③ is a combination, and ① serves as the standard.
Analyze the color differences (⊿E) and texture differences (color distribution coincidence).
Compared to the analysis between ① and ②, because ③ combines the front and the back, its values are closer to ① than the values for ② are.

As demonstrated here, analysis is possible even for different shapes and patterns.
Analysis results are displayed simultaneously.

Further details can be inspected multilaterally based on saved images
RCView, color analysis software specific to 2D colorimeters, can be used
S123, XYZ, xy, Lab, RGB, CMY CMYK, color distribution coincidence, etc…

Measurement Results

⊿E Color Distribution Coincidence
Compare (1) and (2) 1.288
Compare (1) and (3) 0.955 79%


・Video Type 2D Colorimeter RC-300



Specs Content
Size Roughly 660mm x 450mm x 340mm


Specs Content
Valid Pixels Roughly 2/3 million pixels
Video Output 10 bit
Shutter Speed 1/10,000 sec - 1/15 sec
Cumulative Time 30 frames
S/N Ratio 56 dB



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